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The Median Price Of A Home Listed For Sale In Coral Gables Is $1,299,000.

View From Mercado Ave.

Yesterday I was reading a current issue of Forbes magazine while waiting in an office. I noticed an article that stated that Coral Gables residential homes had the 15th highest median sales price(at over $3,000,000) in the nation. That did not seem quite right to me since I sell residential real estate in Coral Gables, and I noticed that the article’s authors were restricting their survey to one of Coral Gables’ zip codes, 33156, located in the Old Cutler section of the South Gables where most of Coral Gables’ super expensive homes are situated. That piqued my interest so I checked on MLS and  found that the median sales price of all 286 homes presently listed for sale in Coral Gables is $1,299,000. That in itself is an expensive home, but it is 1/2 of what was quoted  in Forbes. The particulars on the median home which is located at 1525 Mercado Ave. in the North Gables are: 4,077 sf, 5 bedrooms & 4 bathrooms on a 10,000 sf lot. The house was built in 2010 and has been on the market since March 12, 2012 when it was listed for $1,349,000. Foe more information text or call us at 305-984-5524.


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