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Congratulations to Miami For Their Assistance To The Homeless

Nichols & Carol Miller In front of Alvah Chapman Bust

Alan Nichols & Carol Miller on Either Side Of Alvah Chapman’s Bust

Miami can be very thankful for many things not the least of which are its warm water and sandy beaches. But, something that gets scant attention is it caring approach to its homeless population. A number of years ago Alvah Chapman, who at that time was the publisher of the Miami Herald, decided that something needed to be done to assist our homeless. and he with other community leaders formed a public/private organization called the Community Partnership For The Homeless, now called the Chapman Partnership. Chapman provides help from A to Z to assist those who have lost their jobs/homes  and want to get back on their feet. Chapman has around 800 beds in two facilities, Downtown and by the entrance to the Homestead Air Force base, and remarkably even has kennels so the homeless will not have to give up their dogs. I congratulate every one who helps at Chapman which includes the Miami Heat who quietly give tremendous support to Chapman.

Many religous groups and businesses proudly provide money and volunteer labor to feed the people staying at Chapman. Below are some pictures from last Monday evening’s program which was run by St. Thomas Episcopal Parish of Coral Gables

Wanda & Dede

Wanda & Dede who keep the food cooked and the lines moving

James, Miguel, Roberta, and Susan

James.Miguel,Roberta,& Susan

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