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The Giant African Land Snail…A Problem In Coral Gables And The Rest Of Miami

The back of the eradication team's truck

The Giant African Land Snail Eradication Program In Miami


Part of the eradication team at SW 76 St near SchoolHouse Road

A Giant African Land Snail Eradication Team In High Pines, Miami, Florida

An Infant Giant African Land Snail Found Off Of SchoolHouse Road, Miami, Fl.

An infant Giant African Land Snail Found Off of SchoolHouse Road And SW 76 Street In High Pines

The appearance of the non indigenous python in the Everglades is the big news, but there are other non indigenous creatures in Miami and South Florida. The one we have in Coral Gables and South Miami is the Great African Land Snail .Yesterday I ran into the team working in the High Pines neighborhood who actually showed me an infant snail they had captured. These snails are dangerous to about 500 different species of plants, and, if they eat rat feces (yuck!!), they can carry lung worms which could cause meningitis to any human who might touch an infected Great African Land Snail. So don’t touch them, but, if you must, make certain to be wearing heavy rubber gloves. A better idea is to call the Department of Agriculture at 888-397-1517 who will come out and help you.

The State has 6 eradication teams ┬ácovering from Homestead to the Broward County line…They will be in the infected area for 2 years after the last sighting.

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