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A Trip To Linderman Key With Some Customers

Linderman Creek On The Way To

The fishing camp at Linderman Key on Linderman Creek


Winding through the mangroves on the way out


Entering South Biscayne Bay, but we are concerned about the depth. We can’t go back because of an approaching storm.

The approaching storm behind the nuclear power plant

The storm is approaching quickly. The Turkey Point nuclear power plant is in the distance.

Getting Gas at Black Point Marina

Getting fuel at Miami’s Black Point Marina



I took some customers down to see our listing of Linderman Key which is an offshore island in the Florida Keys … We left south Coral Gables by boat, and it took about 30 minutes to get there. After an hour or so tour we decided to come home a shorter way to try and beat a storm which was beginning to come up. We made it back but not without getting a little wet… For more information and pictures about Linderman Key open this link.

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