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The Cemetery In The Hood Is Coming Alive

Florida Heritage Site Plaque

Florida Heritage Site Plaque

Pinewood Memorial

Pinewood Memorial

Confederate Soldier Memorial 1

Confederate Soldier Memorial

Blacksmith buried in Pinewood Cemetary

Blacksmith Buried In Pinewood Cemetery


The Southern Spirit Guide writes that they have received reports of spooky goings on in the Pinewood Cemetery(Miami’s oldest cemetery south of the Miami River) on Erwin Road close to South Coral Gables and South Miami. From midnight burials to eerie “shadow people” the quiet burial grounds might be coming to life when things are quiet and dark in the neighborhood. So beware… Halloween is just around the corner and so is the Pinewood Cemetery. First known as Cocoplum Cemetery the burial ground dates to 1855 with the first recorded burial in 1897. In the restored cemetery you will find graves of veterans of the Civil War, veterans of the Spanish American War, pioneers and early settlers to what is now known as Coral Gables, South Miami, and High Pines. Ghost tales have emerged through the years as well as stories of shadow people and strange noises. However, there is no proof that the cemetery is haunted. Pinewood Cemetery has been lovingly restored with native plant life and pines. Stop by this cemetery on Erwin Road just off the eastern section of Sunset Drive and view a bit of Miami history.



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