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Only 10 Homes Listed For Sale In The High Pines Community

Entrance 7421 SW 53 Ct., High Pines, Miami, Fl.33143

7421 SW 53 Ct., High Pines, Miami, Fl. 33143


High Pines, a small community nestled between Downtown South Miami and a section of South Coral Gables, is a great community to live in… It is within walking distance of Downtown South Miami, and not far from the University of Miami main campus. Lots of neighbors walk through the community as traffic is fairly light, and it is in between the entrance to the bike trail heading south and the trail heading into Coconut Grove which eventually ends at the tip of Key Biscayne. Commuters like High Pines too as it is what we call a “close-in” community near a number of Miami’s work centers. If their is a problem in High Pines, it is finding a home that is for sale… MLS presently reflects only 10 homes listed for sale. The most expensive, 7421 SW 53 Ct., is listed for sale for $2,650,00 and, of the 10, 7 are listed for more than $1,100,000. ┬áThe other 3 listings are much less expensive but are much older. Prior to the recession developers were buying older homes in High Pines and reselling the new homes at substantially higher prices. So, if you buy in High Pines now, you either have to purchase an expensive home or be prepared to do renovations to an older home. For further information on High Pines text or call TK Heatley at 305-984-5524.

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