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Coral Gables’ Cocoplum Woman’s Club

Cocoplum Woman's Club

Cocoplum Woman’s Club

February 14, 1912, marks the start of the Cocoplum Woman’s Club at 1375 Sunset Drive in Coral Gables adjacent to the City of South Miami. The eight founding members originally met at one of the member’s homes in the neighborhood, and planned community projects while sewing and mending. At that time the group aptly called themselves the Cocoplum Thimble club. The following year a 5 acre tract of land was purchased for $100, and an official club house was erected by the husbands of the members. Originally incorporated as the Woman’s Club of Larkin ( South Miami’s first name) in 1916, the members donated handcrafted items and bandages for troops in WWI. In 1926, after selling 4 of the 5 original acres to George Merrick’s Coral Gables Corp for the sum of $100,000, the club’s membership changed its name to the Cocoplum Woman’s Club.

Today the majestic Mediterranean style building still is a beautiful reminder of the area’s past and continues to serve the Coral Gables/South Miami area with volunteer contributions and support. Within the GFWC (General Federation of Women’s Clubs) the Cocoplum Woman’s Club is one of the oldest and largest women’s volunteer organizations in the world. In addition to their contributions to the community the membership also offers its well maintained facilities for use as a venue for weddings, celebrations, fundraisers, and events. Anyone interested in learning more about the Cocoplum Woman’d Club can call 305-665-5731.


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