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The Village of Pinecrest Is Considering Annexing High Pines

Pinecrest Community Center

Strange as it might sound the Village of Pinecrest is considering annexing the High Pines community as well as three other areas… These areas are The Falls, East Kendall, and Snapper Creek… The study done for the Village of Pinecrest was prepared in October 2014 and can be found by opening this link… At this stage I have no opinion whether this will be or will not be a¬†positive occurrence for all or any of the areas involved … Since I am a long time resident of High Pines, I will be viewing it from ¬†High Pines’ perspective… Geographically it seems somewhat nonsensical for High Pines which is bordered by both the City of Coral Gables and the City of South Miami… The Pinecrest Tribune has articulated another view of the entire annexation which can be read by opening this link.


What is your opinion?