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2 Handy Man Special Homes Sold

8715 SW 81 St. Entrance

8715 SW 81 Street, Miami, Fl

Front 10305 SW 113 St

10305 SW 113 St., Miami, Fl


Not every home in Miami is a multimillion dollar mansion in South Beach or a  Coral Gables waterfront home. Most of the people in Miami live in much more normal homes throughout the Miami Dade County. We recently sold two former foster homes in the southern part of the county, locally called South Dade. Though both homes needed a certain amount of repair both will make fine residences for their owners as both are located in comfortable suburban neighborhoods. 8715 SW 81 Street closed for $399,000 while 10305 SW 113 St closed for $386,000. For further information on homes in Coral Gables, South Miami and South Dade County text or call TK Heatley at 305-984-5524. Heatley Real Estate is a proud and long time member of EWM Realty International which is an affiliate of Berkshire Hathaway.

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