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2015 Residential Home Sales in Miami’s High Pines Community


7725 SW 54 Ave., High Pines Miami, Fl. 33143 Closed 12/08/15 $2,662,500


5380 SW 78 St., High Pines, Miami, Fl. 33143 Closed 5/12/15 $2,575,000


7524 SW 54 Ct., High Pines, Miami, Fl. 33143 Closed 4/27/15 $2,500,000


7421 SW 53 Ct., High Pines, Miami, Fl. 33143 Closed 5/15/15 $2,200,000


7446 SW 54 Ave., High Pines, Miami, Fl. 33143 Closed 7/17/15 $2,055,000


7901 SW 54 Ct., High Pines, Miami, Fl. Closed 5/11/15$2,100,000

I thought I would give a rundown of the 2015 residential single family closed sales in the High Pines community of Miami. High Pines has about 400 single family homes bordering Downtown South Miami and Coral Gables. There were 25 closed sales reported in MLS with 6 ranging from $2,100,000 to $2,662,500, 9 ranging $1,100,000 to $1,950,000, and 10 ranging from $650,000 to $900,000. Pictured are the 6 homes which closed for more than $2,000,000 in 2015. High Pines has become popular as it is “close-in”, and has older homes mostly built in the 1950s which can be purchased for lot value, and rebuilt. High Pines is near to Downtown South Miami for shopping, dinner, and movies while also close to a small commercial section of Coral Gables which has an excellent Whole Foods market as well as a Publix. The main campus of the University of Miami ┬áis nearby as are 2 Miami MetroRail stations, one which has covered parking. For more information on High Pines contact me by text or phone at 305-984-5524. Heatley Real Eatate has been a proud member of EWM Realty International for many years and we are located at the Coral Gables-South Miami office. EWM Realty International is an affiliate of Berkshire Hathaway.

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