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Short Sales Are So Much Fun….

….And let me enumerate the ways…. No just kidding….At best short sales are merely a pain, but they can be ulcer inducing like the one shown above which is in Palmetto Bay… This house has been under contract since February though we have had the listing since last year… The lenders holding the mortgages, of which there are three, haven’t been able to make a decision until about 2 weeks ago… Since that time the house has  been vandalized and the A/C stolen, and citations issued for the pool (which did look like home base for the creature from the black lagoon)… Well we did get the pool fixed (which is a problem as the owner has no money & lives 3,000 miles to the west)… The code compliance officer came out and passed the pool…But, when he checked the pool he gave the owner a new citation for uncut grass…These citations aren’t cheap either…. $250 at the onset and then $250 each day the it isn’t remedied…

Tomorrow is the buyers inspection and after that is the appraisal which in my opinion will not equal the purchase price that the lenders  are so obstinate in requiring… So we we will be back to the lenders…. Sounds fun doesn’t it…

What is your opinion?