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Giant African Land Snails….Watch Out !!!!

I have been watching the Florida Dept. of Agriculture team in our neighborhood the last few months as they are attempting to eradicate the Giant African Land Snails which have begun to invade several of our Miami neighborhoods. Similar to other non native invaders the arrival has caused problems to both our plant life and perhaps to humans. The snails are dangerous to around 500 different species of plants and, if they eat rat feces(which certainly wouldn’t be too appetizing to anything classified as “good” in my book), they can carry rat lung worms which might cause meningitis to any human who comes in contact (so do not touch or pick up a Giant African Land Snail!!!!!). The state is spreading a product called Sluggo-AG (iron phosphate) in the affected areas. When the snails ingest the iron phosphate they stop feeding and then die.

The Dept. of Agriculture team comes out whenever a Giant African Land Snail is seen and then every two weeks for two years after the last sighting. Obviously this will be a long drawn out battle against these invaders… If you see one of these snails report it to 888-397-1517.

A picture of one of the neighborhood teams is below. If they look hot or thirsty make sure to offer them some water or a soda. It is tough out there in this heat,

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