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An Update On The Great African Land Snail…. A Problem For Coral Gables And The Rest Of Miami…


Giant African Land Snail

An Infant Giant African Land Snail Found Off Of SchoolHouse Road, Miami, Fl.

An Infant Giant African Land Snail Found Off Of Schoolhouse Road In High Pines Last Year

Agricultural Team June 2014

State Of Florida Agricultural Team In High Pines June 2014

Just thought I would give you an update on the Great African Land Snail situation in High Pines. I spoke with  two representatives from the Florida Agricultural Dept. who said that even though one snail was found in the High Pines neighborhood last month  the situation is under control. These snails are pretty horrible creatures so I think I had better repeat my blog of March 2013. “Yesterday I ran into the team working the High Pines neighborhood who actually showed me an infant snail they had captured. These snails are dangerous to about 500 different species of plants, and, if they eat rate feces (yuck!!), they can carry lung worms which could cause meningitis to any human who might touch an infected Great African Land snail. So don’t touch them, but, if you must, make certain to wear heavy rubber gloves. A better idea is to call the Department of Agriculture at 888-397-1517.” TK Heatley  EWM Realty International‘s Coral Gables/South Miami office


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