The Heatleys
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The Heatleys

James, TK, and Susan at Matheson Hammock


James, TK, and Susan Heatley are long time residents of South Coral Gables and High Pines. Susan moved with her family in the mid 1960s to Gables Estates, graduated from Coral Gables High School, and went to Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, where she met TK. After graduation they married and moved back to High Pines where they still live. Susan started in residential real estate in the mid 1980s with Byrne Rinehart which was purchased by EWM Realty International. TK grew up on the water on the Jersey Shore, attended  Rollins College, and never left Florida and became a resident of High Pines in 1969. There younger son, James, graduated from Palmer Trinity High School in Palmetto Bay and went to Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina. A short while after graduation he moved back to High Pines and joined his mother and father in their residential real estate business at EWM Realty International..

The Heatleys enjoy sports, especially college football, hiking and vacationing in the mountains of western North Carolina.