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High Pines

Above are the active listings in High Pines.

High Pines is a small residential community of roughly 400 homes and a few condos and town homes bordering Downtown South Miami and the South Gables area of Coral Gables. The area originally was  developed in the 1950s and 1960s with smaller homes and lots running 10,000 square feet plus or minus 1,000 square feet. The area became especially popular in the late 1990s due to its convenience to Coral Gables, and the work areas of Downtown Miami and the Justice Center/Medical Center .

High Pines can best be thought of as a family friendly neighborhood. Everyone walks or bikes around the tree lined neighborhood, and there are always lots of kids biking and skateboarding around with with footballs and basketballs under their arms. In the early morning  & early evening the dog walkers are out in force on the tree covered walkway running from School House Road to Red Road, If you like to bike (and are energetic enough) you easily and quickly can  get onto the county’s bike trail and ride to the end of Key Biscayne or through Cutler Bay into the Redlands.

In addition Downtown South Miami’s evolution from a sleepy small community to an evening entertainment center caught the eye of developers who started tearing down the small 1950s and 1960s homes and rebuilding them with larger modern homes. The recession starting in 2008 has temporarily ended the development of new homes with the result that most of the homes presently listed for sale are either remodeled homes or older homes.

Pictures of homes located in High Pines.